We are a small group of prophetic women who are called to live courageously the mission of the Gospel in the spirit of St. Brigid and Daniel Delany, our Founder.

· by supporting our own Sisters and being good parishioners
· by being a voice for the voiceless in Aotearoa N.Z. and the rest of the world.
· by being committed to respecting and caring for all of God’s creation
· by celebrating all that is good with joy and gratitude
· by continuing to be women of peace and justice who are faithful, welcoming and full of hope.


To live a simple life with readiness to share generously our time, talents and resources, especially through hospitality and solidarity in prayer with all those in need. Transformed by age and grace we will live with serenity the years the Lord has given us.


One of Daniel Delany’s greatest gifts to us may have been our name, Sisters of St. Brigid. In gifting us with the name and the inspiration of this 5th Century Celtic woman, Daniel gave us a patroness and model, a woman of strength and gentleness, a lover of the earth, a reconciler and liberator of people – a woman with a compassionate heart like Daniel himself. In today’s modern world we have been called to share the food of life, to respect others, to see the earth’s resources given for the good of all and to develop a spirituality of justice for Brigidines. Our Common Projects across the Congregation include the following:

to focus on displaced persons (an inclusive term) at a personal , local and international level.

To be committed to education in all aspects of the new cosmology with its implications for spirituality
theology, justice and earth ethics.

To work with established groups in maintaining the Health and care of our planet Earth.

To give financial and practical support to major Congregational projects.

To bring all the above into focus and practical application, our Congregation is now a member of UNANIMA International, a non-governmental organization working at the United Nations.
UN stands for United Nations – ANIMA – A feminine life principle that animates and brings life to- The group of 8 works consensually and in harmony, as well as in affiliation with the United Nations.
Carmelite Sisters of Charity Vedruna
Congregration of Sisters of St.Agnes
Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart (Cabrini Sisters)
Religious of Jesus and Mary
Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
Sisters of St Brigid
Sisters of the Holy Union
Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus
Ursuline Sisters of Mount St.Joseph
UNANIMA International is a coalition of institutes of women religious with members on all continents committed to work for peace and human dignity in response to the needs of the world:

By service to our members, to the United Nations, to other NGO’s through Collaboration, education and action in affiliation with the UN regarding:
Women and children, particularly the economically poor.
Immigrants and refugees.
The welfare of the planet.
(Council of the Congregation San Antonio, May-June 2003)


The aim of this website is to give the history of the Brigidine Sisters in New Zealand. We hope that it will serve as a resource for ex-pupils of St. Bride's and other Brigidine schools who are interested in the legacy left to them by the Brigidine Sisters.
The aim is also to provide current information about the Sisters and give ex-students the opportunity to supply information about themselves.